On this articles i will try to provide you with the basic knowledge that needed for someone  to access the Dark Web from the command line. 

Q. But why someone needs to access the Dark Web from command line? 

A. The most common reason for such type of requirements is 'research', and this is the real purpose of this article.


  • A working Linux (fedora > 37)
  • Tor browser install and functioning
  • Root priviledges 

Below are the CLI commands to access the Dark Web from the CLI.

#pip3 install onionsearch 

# service tor restart

# onionsearch -h

#onionsearch  "Open University" --output onion_search.txt

Extract the .onion sites from the output file ....

#curl --socks5-hostname medusasdfjksdfkjhsdf........onion |fgrep "Open"